1. Parts produced: High pressure die-cast parts for the automotive industry
    2. Machinery: HPDC Press Colosio PFO 1850

    Our customer was working with a fire resistant hydraulic oil that was causing wear on the press vanes, pumps, and valves.

    They wanted to replace the current lubricant with one that would demonstrate the same quality and fire resistance properties, be compatible with the current product, and reduce mass loss from the rings and vanes.


    Metalflow’s laboratory performed the relevant tests in order to find the hydraulic oil that was compatible with the one being used by the customer. During the tests, it was proven that there was no risk of separation or viscosity increase.

    When positive results were obtained, the customer was recommended to use HYDROFLOW HFC 46, a flame-retardant hydraulic fluid with anti-wear properties.

    After implementing the product, a Metalflow technician monitored the plant to determine if the results were adequate.

    During the follow-up it was determined that, 12 months after the product replacement, Metalflow’s HYDROFLOW HFC 46 maintained the same properties and qualities as the first day, providing better results and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Foaming reduction
  • Minimal valve wear
  • High fire resistance
  • Less maintenance downtime

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